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Bank Rate Car Loan.com offers you a chance to shop for car loan rates directly from the dealers and their banks. It is the best way to be able to buy or lease a car with terms you can afford.

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Search For A Dealer

Search for the right dealer for you and then connect to them and their bank so you can take advantage of some fantastic rates.


Get Pre-Approved Quickly

Once you find a dealer and submit an application, you will get pre-approved by the dealer’s bank, and you can then begin shopping for the vehicle you want.


Drive Off The Lot In The Car Of Your Dreams

Before you know it, you will be driving the car of your dreams with ease, you would not have that pleasant an experience with other third-party dealer finance sites.

About Us

We Provide Consumers A Way To Find The Best Rates On A Car Loan!

We do this by allowing you to connect directly to the dealerships and get a rate from the banks that they use to finance loans.

These Local Dealerships Have Great Rates On Loans

Apply For Loan

Here are some important things to remember about applying for a loan and how to ensure that you never get behind in payments, or become a victim of debt.

Finance Carefully

Ensure that the terms you agree to and the rates to which you agree to are within your means not only in your present but also in the future if your financial situation changes. Your payment terms should always be able to fit in with whatever your current financial situation is.

Be Willing To Refinance

Refinancing is an excellent strategy when it comes to ensuring that your loan is never a burden on you and your finances. Refinance the terms of the deal whenever you can.

Get Insurance On Your Loan

Ensuring your loan is a great way to guarantee that you are never left in the lurch if financial issues arise in your life. You will be able to lock in particular interest rates so that you don’t have to worry about your ability to pay your monthly payments or pay back the loan entirely.

Why Go Directly To Dealers & Their Banks?

Many folks might find it counter-intuitive to go to dealerships and their banks, but in fact, it is the best way to go about securing a loan. Here are four significant reasons why.

Go Directly To The Source

No need to deal with an intermediary, we allow you to connect directly to the dealerships and their banks so you can negotiate an impressive rate for your loan.

You Are Their Priority

Dealerships and the banks that back them will want to continue to do business with you, and they will ensure that the experience of negotiating the terms for a loan, and the conditions themselves, are both easy to obtain and a pleasant encounter.

Finance A Loan On Your Terms

You negotiate terms of a loan, so that you can afford to pay it rather than having to rely on a third party to secure a loan that is better for their finances than it would be for your wallet.

Customize Your Options

You can set interest rates, when and how you can refinance a loan, the terms and other aspects of a car loan. That means you are in control of what you pay.